PCT Marketing Solutions

Print and digital issues - With a print circulation of 21,255 and 98.1% of readers "Direct Request," PCT magazine is the industry's "go-to" source for the latest news, market analysis and product information. Accessible online, the digital edition is available via the PCT website, as well as viewable on smart phones and tablets – with your ad getting exposure in all of these viewing options.

Website - With 126,651 average visits and 252,650 average page views per month, the PCT website is a dynamic way to expand your market influence 24/7. A range of advertising options are available, including leaderboards, medium rectangles, video marketing and exclusive sponsorships.

E-Newsletters – Sent on a weekly basis - reaching 27,245 PMPs with a 40.2% open rate - these newsletters offer advertisers the opportunity to reach an active audience on a frequent basis. Advertisers also are offered the opportunity to sponsor their own custom e-newsletter, designed to meet specific market reach and objectives.

Mobile Devices

With 96,500 impressions per month average, PCT's growing mobile device audience adds to your company's marketing reach.

NEW for 2021! PCT Rising Stars

Profiles of up-and-coming pest control companies on the fast track to success.

State of the Market Reports

These special reports devoted to key vertical market segments (i.e., mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, etc.) allow product suppliers to stand out from the competition and "own" a particular category.

PCT Canada

Canada is a growing market for PMPs, and international business activity has practically eliminated geographic borders. PCT Canada is your opportunity to broaden your sales potential in this important region of the world. Special rates make this an easily affordable addition to your program. Consult your advertising rep for more details.

Mosquito & Bed Bug Supplements

If your company offers products or services for either of these rapidly emerging markets, you'll want to advertise in PCT's quarterly Bed Bug Supplements and biannual Mosquito Supplements.

5 Questions

In this high-impact advertorial, own a spread where a company representative is featured as an industry expert on a topic of importance for your 2021 marketing efforts. Facing the advertorial is a full-page ad reinforcing the messaging in the "5 Questions" advertorial. Our designers will match the design of the advertorial with your corporate color pallete, creating a seamless spread that is both compelling and educational.

PCT Convention Extra

This high-profile publication is distributed on the trade show floor and "room-dropped" at NPMA PestWorld, the industry's largest, most important convention.

PCT Top 100 Issue

Increase your company’s visibility and market reach 100% this May with PCT’s most eagerly anticipated issue of the year…our Top 100 Issue. This issue is the most downloaded/visited issue of the year, and is a valuable reference source referred to again and again, providing extended reach and enhanced visibility for your sales and marketing message throughout the year. If you offer a product or service to the pest control market, this is the one opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

PCT Custom Media Services

PCT Custom Media is the content marketing arm of the PCT Media Group, providing custom content for companies serving the professional pest management industry. PCT’s talented group of freelance writers, designers and content marketers create valuable, relevant editorial content that communicates directly with your customers or potential customers, driving profitable growth for your business.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  • Boosts Customer Engagement
  • Generates Increased Inbound Web Traffic
  • Drives Product Sales
  • Builds Market Relationships
  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • Illustrates Thought Leadership
  • Enhances Client Loyalty

Virtual Conferences

PCT’s Virtual Conferences are a highly attractive, cost-effective educational alternative for pest management professionals, providing advertisers the opportunity to extend their brand and market reach through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Each event offers two levels of sponsorship: Platinum and Gold. Consult your advertising representative to find out which level is best for your company.

Corporate Webinars

Give your company the opportunity to put your industry expert in front of PCT's highly engaged audience of PMPs. Our readers are eager to learn about your company's products and services, particularly when it's in an educational stting like a PCT webinar

NEW for 2021! PCT Vendor Showcase

A half-day virtual conference designed to provide product suppliers with much-needed "face time" with customers in an era of social distancing.

NEW for 2021! PCT Business Boosters webinars

A 90-minute webinar featuring a high-profile industry speaker discussing a growth opportunity or service offering critical to a PMPs success, followed by a 20-minute presentation by the corporate sponsor of the event, including a 10-minute Q&A.

TMI™ - TargetMarketIntelligence (TMI™) is a game-changing market intelligence tool that your company must have to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. TMI is based on three key elements:

  • Dynamic software
  • Meticulous data management
  • Proprietary subscriber information of our customers and prospects

Features and benefits include:

  • Instant online access
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Rapid identification of new business opportunities
  • Access to thousands of new customers and prospects
  • Easy cross-referencing of your customer data with the TMI database
  • Custom market research
  • Export only the data you need

Intelligent Content Marketing 

In today’s multi-channel media world, it is harder than ever to reach the right audience to tell your story. Fortunately, the PCT Media Group is here to help. PCT is paving the way with the introduction of Intelligent Content Marketing. We enable you to create a targeted marketing campaign with our audience once they begin to show an interest in a particular product or subject area. Using intuitive marketing automation, we can deliver custom content or a specified ad message to a custom-tailored target audience.

Intelligent Content Marketing takes lead nurturing and retargeting to a new level. Now you can:

  • Target advertising to people based on the type of content they read
  • Target unknown users based on what their anonymous profile looks like (behavior on the internet)
  • Amplify your messaging to the broader internet based on how much they look like your current “magazine” target audience

Leverage the power of our brand and Intelligent Content Marketing for maximum results.

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