Quality Assurance Marketing Solutions

QA magazine offers a full range of print and digital products including:

Print and digital issues - QA is published bi-monthly in both print and digital versions. Optimized for mobile viewing, QA publishes the magazine digitally to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile readership. Accessible online, the digital edition is available via the QA website, as well as viewable on smart phones and tablets – with your ad getting exposure in all of these viewing options.

Website - With more than 44,918 average visits and 81,970 average page views per month, the QA website is a dynamic way to expand your market influence 24/7. A range of advertising options are available, including leaderboards, medium rectangles, video marketing and exclusive sponsorships.

E-Newsletters – Sent on a weekly basis - reaching 23,579 subscribers with a 27.3% open rate - these newsletters offer advertisers the opportunity to reach an active audience on a frequent basis. Advertisers also are offered the opportunity to sponsor their own custom e-newsletter, designed to meet specific market reach and objectives.

Custom communications – Work with QA to develop cost-effective, one-of-a-kind custom media communications. Through podcasts, webinars, whitepapers, case studies and custom video products, adertisers are given the chance to reach their audience with the right marketing solution for their business.

Video Product Showcase

We'll combine our quality editorial content with your product video to create a valuable educational/marketing opportunity for PMPs and industry product suppliers alike.

5 Questions

In this high-impact advertorial, own a spread where a company representative is featured as an industry expert on a topic of importance for your 2021 marketing efforts. Facing the advertorial is a full-page ad reinforcing the messaging in the "5 Questions" advertorial. Our designers will match the design of the advertorial with your corporate color pallete, creating a seamless spread that is both compelling and educational.

State of the Market Reports

These special reports devoted to key vertical market segments (such as pest control and sanitation) allow product suppliers to stand out from the competition.

Mobile Devices

With more than 11,310 users per month average, QA's mobile device audience adds to your company's marketing reach.

NEW for 2021! Virtual Conferences

QAs Virtual Conferences are a highly attractive, cost-effective educational alternative for pest management professionals, providing advertisers the opportunity to extend their brand and market reach through a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

QA Fact: Reader Focus

A 2021 Readex Research Report showed that our readers are very interested in the topics covered in QA magazine, giving the topics an average overall ranging of 4 out of 5. (5=very interested and 1=not at all interested)

TMI™ - TargetMarketIntelligence (TMI™) is a game-changing market intelligence tool that your company must have to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. TMI is based on three key elements:

  • dynamic software
  • meticulous data management
  • proprietary subscriber information of our customers and prospects

Features and benefits include:

  • Instant online access
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Rapid identification of new business opportunities
  • Access to thousands of new customers and prospects
  • Easy cross-referencing of your customer data with the TMI database
  • Custom market research
  • Export only the data you need

Intelligent Content Marketing In today’s multi-channel media world, it is harder than ever to reach the right audience to tell your story. Fortunately, QA is here to help. QA is paving the way with the introduction of Intelligent Content Marketing. We enable you to create a targeted marketing campaign with our audience once they begin to show an interest in a particular product or subject area. Using intuitive marketing automation, we can deliver custom content or a specified ad message to a custom-tailored target audience.

Intelligent Content Marketing takes lead nurturing and retargeting to a new level. Now you can:

  • Target advertising to people based on the type of content they read
  • Target unknown users based on what their anonymous profile looks like (behavior on the internet)
  • Amplify your messaging to the broader internet based on how much they look like your current “magazine” target audience

Leverage the power of our brand and Intelligent Content Marketing for maximum results.

Quality Assurance & Food Safety Media Kit